Last Minute Book Gift Ideas

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The clock is ticking, finish off your holiday shopping with some of our last minute book gift ideas.

Avoid the crowded mall, sold-out stores, packed parking lots, and grumpy shoppers. Instead, look through our choices and find a book for everyone left on your never-ending gift list. Everyone loves a good book, it is a classic gift that will never go out of style.  We have book picks for that stubborn pre-teen, hard to shop for friend, or the person who already has everything.


Our Guardian Renegade

Harley Zed Mona

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Have someone on your gift list who is video game obsessed? All they want this year is a Nintendo Switch and you can’t think of anything else to get? We highly recommend Our Guardian Renegade by Harley Zed Mona. This video game inspired book takes you through the story as if the reader is part of a video game.

Set in the world of Senia, where anarchy runs rampant, two of the most powerful cities prepare for battle with each other. An unlikely group of heroes bands together in an effort to save Senia.  Together the group forms the inseparable, indomitable, Guardians. Our Guardian Renegade intertwines fascinating stories and tales. The novel delves deep into themes of society, race, gender and sexuality. Featuring illustrations from ScruffyTurtles, Goobermation, SkyHeaven1231, and many more talented artists.

The fast-pace, action packed, sci-fi book is ideal for young adults who are interested in heroic, fantasy stories.  Once they start, they won’t be able to put the book down. It may even give that Nintendo Switch a run for its money.



XX v XY: The Final World War

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Christina Cigala

XX v XY is the right choice for the person on your list who is active in social and political current events, or anyone following the #MeToo movement. The dystopian story takes place in a near-future world where tension between men and women has reached its boiling point and the final world war looms over head.

XX v XY: The Final World War takes a look at a world where the United States is divided. In East America, the most fertile women are forced to go through excruciating body and mind-altering training to achieve a standard of uniform beauty to please the men, specifically, their President. The best-trained and most beautiful women compete in a beauty pageant to become one of the many wives of the President; losing the pageant is not an option.

In West America, women rule with the help of the Amplexus pill. The pill is taken by all women in the West to control their “weak” emotions and give them the same physical and mental advantage that men have. However, their may be a tragic downside to subduing emotions.

If the reader on your list is a fan of books like Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale or George Orwell’s 1984, then XX v XY is the book for them. It is a raw and real look at the not-too-distant future if society continues its current path.



The Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured

Susanne Bellefeuille

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The Path of Lucas is a touching and heartwarming story, perfect for the family-oriented person on your gift list this year. It was written by Susanne Bellefeuille and inspired by real life events.

Susanne’s father, Lucas is a hardworking husband and father. When his beloved wife is diagnosed with psychotic depression, the entire family is in turmoil. With few options, the doctors recommend putting her in a mental hospital, but Lucas refuses. He is unwilling and unable to give up on his wife. Lucas fights to keep his family together and bring his wife back to him by any means necessary. Can the power of love and the joy of Christmas be the cure?

Give The Path of Lucas this holiday to someone on your list that believes in family, love and miracles. This novel will inspire and bring joy during the holiday as readers go on Lucas’ harrowing journey to keep his family together.




The Prince

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Nanishka Torres

This LGBTQ-friendly love story is perfect for the romantic on your holiday gift list. The Prince is a young adult fantasy about a kingdom undergoing attacks by a radical religious organization. The Royal Prince is furious when he finds out his partner is kidnapped. The Prince vows to find his partner, by whatever means necessary.

In a land where science and reason prevails, and religion is forbidden in politics, the Royal Family must continuously stand for their morals and fight for what is right. This novel is packed with adventure, drama and life lessons.

Give this book to a passionate reader on your gift list. They are sure to love the twists and new perspective this story gives.





The Fuehrer’s Blood

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Shreyans Zaveri

WWII and history buffs are sure to love this novel inspired by actual events. The Fuehrer’s Blood starts when Hitler’s tyranny is crushed. The Red Army boastfully marches through Berlin, as Hitler’s most trusted henchman, Han “The Shadow”, escapes deep within Russian territory. A band of defunct Nazis unite, and prepare for a dangerous mission to find The Shadow, who holds many secrets of the fallen Reich; secrets that will save lives.

Their search takes them to a Red Army extermination camp, run by a ruthless Russian warlord, Konstantin. It is here that the group finds a priceless clue, Hitler’s personal diary. The Nazi dictator may still live, and the group must race against time to not only reach The Shadow, but also to find Hitler.

If you know someone who is waiting for season three of The Man in the High Castle, gift them The Fuehrer’s Blood. The Fuehrer’s Blood is a mystery novel that takes its reader on a haunting adventure about what may have been. This action-packed and suspenseful novel is a great gift for any reader on your gift list this year.


Wraith Ladies Who Lunch

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Sean Patrick Traver

The novella Wraith Ladies Who Lunch is a short and fun read.  Inspired by LA’s dark noir culture, the story takes place at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art where a mummy called Tasenetnethor is on display.  As crowds file pass her corpse, her soul watches. She is unable to move on to the afterword and is bound to exist in limbo.

Tasenetnethor’s friend, Christabel, is in the same situation. She is from the Victorian age and has a bright innocence about her. The two ghosts meet at The Cheesecake Factory, where they sit at a table and pretend to eat and drink while they discuss their unusual situation. One day a new spirit joins the two, he unknowingly holds the secret to their curse.

A mysterious and exciting read, perfect for anyone who loves haunted tales and secretes. But beware, reading Wraith Ladies may make you a Sean Patrick Traver fan and lead to reading his other works, Red Witch and Grave’s End.




Kings and Crosses

Kings and Crosses is a new and exciting graphic novel for any comic book lover on your gift list. This legendary tale starts with the invasion of the allied forces of Conrad II, the Holy Roman emperor, against the more and more irritating, still half-pagan, but aggressively expanding Kingdom of Hungary. The aging Hungarian king, Stephen I of Hungary, sends his only remaining son, Prince Imre to fight the invaders in the swamps of the River Danube.

Who will win? The well trained, heavy cavalry of the Germans, or the mixed battalions of the half-nomad Hungarian horsemen? Odds are against the Hungarians, but they are on their home turf. This turf is muddy, swampy, and could be extremely dangerous for a reckless, haughty, heavy German knight. However, both leaders are facing other problems as well: disobedient noblemen, willful future princesses, and untrustworthy allies. Some of the characters are well-known from history books, but the most interesting ones are fictitious: Alsatian mercenaries, Viking bodyguards, and a mysterious priest.

This novel will make a huge impression this holiday; a unique and beautiful gift. If you know someone who can’t get enough of Game of Thrones, try Kings and Crosses. Whether the reader loves history, art, graphic novels, or medieval times, Kings and Crosses will be a hit.





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