Interview with the Facinating Nanishka Torres – Author of The Prince

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The Prince by Nanishka Torres is a LGBTQ-friendly book that dives into a fantasy-adventure-love story about two men as they overcome hurtles in the royal kingdom. The Prince explores how love can motivate and empower people against forces that wish to harm.

Author Nanishka Torres captivated us with her unique novel and spunky personality.  She is a lover of comic books, and attends at least one comic book convention a year. Her passion for writing started at a young age. In the third grade she wrote a short zombie story that was so frightening to students  she was sent to the principal’s office.  We asked Torres tell us more about her new novel, The Prince.


What inspired you to write your book?

Between the books I was reading, and TV shows and films I was watching, I noticed a common thread with LGBTQ characters: their sole conflict was with their own sexuality, if they were even featured at all. That bothered me. There were so many other stories and conflicts to tell about LGBTQ characters that didn’t involve their sexuality, so I decided to write one! There needs to be more stories about LGBTQ characters with struggles beyond coming to terms with their sexuality or gender identity. They have struggles like everyone else — school, work, relationships, etc. — and that needs to be depicted more frequently in our books and films.


Can you tell us about the book from your point of view?

The Prince is about — you guessed it — a prince whose life is thrown into chaos when his boyfriend is kidnapped by a group of radicals. Prince Callum enlists the help of a prisoner to make sure he finds the man he loves, and brings him home safely. But his focus on finding Lorkan is distracting him from the bigger, looming threat.


What can readers expect from this book?

Readers can expect action from start to finish with a sprinkling of romance. I think there’s a character for every reader to love and route for, so readers should expect to get attached to someone in this story!


What are your plans for future writing projects?

I have a folder full of characters whose stories I want to tell. However, the priority is the next book in the Fenrir Chronicles: The Soldier, which I am currently working on. After that is the third — and final — installment of Prince Callum’s story. There are a couple of post-Callum projects that I am really excited about, but I’m not yet sure which will come out first!


What do you want the world to know about The Prince?

People should know The Prince is a story for anyone to enjoy. You don’t need to be a guy, gay, a prince, or have telekinetic powers to enjoy this story. If you can understand people doing whatever it takes to protect the person or people they love, then this is a story for you. And they should know it’s the first book I have ever completed and published, so I am truly proud of it!


How do you think your book relates to the world today?

The Prince relates to the world today more than I expected when I wrote it. The LGBTQ community is still fighting for acceptance and validity within our society and mainstream media. People need to see LGBTQ characters not being victimized or oppressed because of their sexuality or gender. LGBTQ people need to see themselves not being victimized or oppressed because of their sexuality or gender. We all need to see the society we should be living in and cultivating, and start working together to achieve that.


What do you hope will be the everlasting thoughts for readers who finish your book? What should remain with them long after putting it down?

I want the characters I’ve created to stay with them more than anything else. If people think of Callum, Lorkan, Thestera, Rhett, and Reinhardt as their friends, crushes, and people they care about, I have accomplished a wonderful thing. I want readers to be thinking of these characters, worrying about them, and wanting the best for them long after they have finished reading.


If people can only buy one book this month, why should it be yours?

Because The Prince drops you right in the action of Fenrir, and does not let go even after you finish the last page. It is filled with characters worth knowing with stories worth telling. And there are people with super powers! What more do you need?



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