What Is Lucid Dreaming?

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Have you ever become aware that you were dreaming?

You’re riding through a meadow on the back of a dinosaur while your third grade teacher chases you with a can of Dr. Pepper. Just as you’re about to run into a giant panda smoking a purple cigar, you feel an incredible rush and realize you are in a dream.

Cool, right?

Being a master of a lucid dream is an incredible feeling. Instead of messing around with that silly panda you can force your dinosaur to take flight. By leaps and bounds you can cruise across a land filled with marshmallows and chocolate ice cream! What fun!


Lucid dreams happen when you realize you are dreaming in the moment.

Lucid dreaming isn’t always that fun, however. Just because you’re lucid, it doesn’t mean you’re always able to control your dreams. Sometimes you are keenly aware of your dream-state, and still unable to do anything about it. Like a prisoner, you are trapped.

It can be a terrifying experience. Especially if you are paralyzed at the same time. Being entirely aware of your surroundings and unable to interact is one of the most horrifying things a human can endure.

This unique state of awareness that we call lucid dreaming is often featured in spiritual enhancement programs. There are a number of books and training programs that can help you learn how to have a lucid dream.

Have you ever experienced a lucid dream? How did you feel? Were you able to control it?

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