About Project Dreamscape


Project Dreamscape is for those who enjoy discovering the other-worldly, the unusual, the avant-garde, and the unexpected.

Our focus is on books, literature and art, with a slant toward supernatural, paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers, and horror.

Project Dreamscape, trees, red tree

Project Dreamscape is an exploration of the bizarre and surreal. Join us as we take a leap into the depths of our souls where dark things lurk and mysteries unravel.


  • Jodie

    What a beautiful blog~full of thanksgiving and hope for all18It&#!2!7;s a beautiful day in San Diego, but our trees sure didn’t look like the beauty you got to see:)Congrats on new babies to come~talk about a blessing~~I am expecting my 6th grandbaby in June~~so exciting!have a beautiful thanksgiving to you and your family!!!

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