P.L. Hampton’s Shadowland: Unraveling Family, Artifacts, and the Supernatural

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Unraveling the Halloween Haunt 

As Halloween approaches and the shadows deepen, the timing could not be more perfect to delve into the mysterious and chilling tales spun by P.L. Hampton. His latest novel, Shadowland, is a testament to Hampton’s storytelling prowess. This gripping narrative draws from both ancestral legends and historical truths, inspired by real events.


At its core lies the mysterious Yoruba Divination Board, an enigmatic artifact that propels Aaron Langford and his family into an uncharted and inescapable path. Hampton masterfully blurs the lines between fact and fiction, compelling readers to ponder the origins and mechanisms of this central artifact while immersing themselves in the Langford family’s unexpected journey.

Before delving into the world of academia and writing, Hampton embarked on a twelve-year journey through the labyrinthine corridors of the finance industry. These real-world experiences have profoundly shaped the layered narratives that define his works. Today, alongside his wife, Tonya, he resides in sunny San Diego, where he continues to explore the mesmerizing crossroads of history and horror within his literary creations.

Revealing the Enigma: Motivations and Inspirations

At the heart of P.L. Hampton’s creative journey lies a profound love for storytelling. His motivation is anchored in the desire to take readers on thrilling adventures that challenge their perceptions and introduce them to unfamiliar people and places, imbued with an air of intrigue and fascination.

Hampton’s aspirations extend far beyond mere entertainment. He hopes that his novels will not only entertain but also provoke thought. He seeks to create stories that linger in the reader’s mind, casting a unique and thought-provoking light on the world, prompting a fresh perspective.

The literary journey that shaped P.L. Hampton’s writing began with childhood classics like “Lord of the Rings,” “The Hobbit,” and “Watership Down.” As he transitioned into young adulthood, his tastes evolved towards the works of influential authors like Richard Wright, James Baldwin, Ralph Ellison, Toni Morrison, and Octavia Butler. Today, his reading preferences lead him toward captivating narratives like Marlon James’ “Black Leopard and Red Wolf.”

The pages of Shadowland hold a tantalizing secret—an air of uncertainty surrounding whether the main character, Aaron Langford, is genuinely experiencing the unfolding events, or if they are figments of his imagination.

As Halloween night approaches and the shadows deepen, P.L. Hampton’s stories beckon those who seek to test the limits of their fear. These tales are eternally imprinted on the soul of dark fiction, lurking, waiting for a brave reader to take the plunge.

P.L. Hampton’s creative journey continues with a follow-up novel to Shadowland. This next chapter delves deeper into the character of Urbi Houna, offering readers a stand-alone narrative dedicated to her story. Additionally, he’s exploring the art of screenwriting, a medium he believes will better convey several ideas in his mind.

In the shadows of P.L. Hampton’s storytelling world, you’ll uncover authentic family lore that served as the catalyst for Shadowland. There, you will encounter the enigmatic Yoruba Divination Board, an artifact pivotal to this enthralling tale. How does it function? What are its origins? And why does it lead the fictional Aaron Langford and his family down an uncharted and perilous journey, inspired by real historical events?

A native of Seattle, Washington, P.L. Hampton masterfully navigates the realms of academia as a college professor and as a diligent law student on his quest for a JD. His previous career journey spanned twelve years across various sectors of the finance industry, experiences that now manifest in his richly layered narratives.

As we approach Halloween night and the chilling conclusion of this journey, it is evident that P.L. Hampton’s literary adventure is far from over. With visions of delving into screenwriting and a graveyard of forthcoming novels, Hampton’s creative world promises to surprise and intrigue readers for years to come. The shadows of his imagination show no sign of receding.

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