Need a Good Science Fiction Book Series?

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Science Fiction Book Series You Should Be Reading Now!

Are you looking for a new science fiction book series to dive into and get obsessed with? Are you the kind of sci-fi fan with a love for reading about new worlds and unlikely heroes? If so, we’ve got three fantastic science fiction book series you should be diving into as soon as possible:

The Cluster Chronicles

This captivating science fiction series by Jason Michael Primrose follows young superhuman Allister Adams as he grapples with the dilemma between suppressing his potential and pursuing his true purpose. Soon, Allister is recruited to join a secret government initiative called the Andromeda Project, which is focused on finding alien artifacts that are hidden on Earth. With this new quest at hand, Allister discovers more about his own powers, and that all is not what it seems with the project at hand.

The first book in this sci-fi series, titled – you guessed it – The Andromeda Project, is a perfect blend of science fiction, fantasy, and action-adventure. Fans of intricate series’ like Game of Thrones and The Maze Runner will love the detailed descriptions and thrilling plot lines that make the characters jump off the page.

You can start your journey with The Cluster Chronicles by checking out The Andromeda Project now. The second book in this amazing new science fiction series is coming soon!

The Vision Quest Series

Penned by 5-time Emmy nominee Deborah M. Pratt, the Vision Quest proves that Pratt is just as good on paper as she is on TV. The first book of this un-put-downable science fiction series is called The Atlantian. It sets up the story of an Earth about a century into the future where earthquakes have transformed the world. In this world, genetic splicers have blended human genetics, which leads to uncovering limitless metaphysical powers of the human mind.

But while human beings are discovering their powers, there’s also a sinister new threat approaching. We find out that machines were also combined with human DNA and their artificial intelligence has become sentient. These beings now threaten to end humankind. A band of heroes rises up, and the quest is on. If you like science fiction hero stories like X-Men or The Avengers, and love reading about futuristic worlds, this is the series for you.

Check out the anniversary edition of The Atlantian, and then dive into the next book, The Academy. There’s more books in this science fiction book series – so pace yourself!

The Chronos Files

Rysa Walker wrote and published The Chronos Files and instantly became a best selling author in the genre of time travel fiction. She has sold half a million copies of this series around the world. The first book in the series, Timebound, introduces us to protagonist Kate. Upon being given a medallion by her grandmother, Kate discovers that she not only can she time travel, but that time has changed around her and the medallion is the only thing keeping her from blinking out of existence. To save the world that is rapidly changing around her, Kate has to travel through time and save the past so that she can fix the future.

Full of adventure, romance, and self discovery, The Chronos Files is The Hunger Games meets Harry Potter with time travel. With a thorough examination of the past as well as a glimpse of the future, The Chronos Files is a science fiction book series that will keep you engaged till the very end.

Timebound, and other books in the series are out now. So grab a book, and get comfortable.

Ready to discover The Andromeda Project? Click here to explore further. Are you up for a Vision Quest with The Atlantian? Click here to discover a new world. Ready to go backwards and forwards in time with Timebound? Here’s where you can start your journey. No matter which journey you choose to explore first, you’re in for a good read.



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