Life After Death with Reincarnation

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Children and Their Ability to Recall Past Lives

Some children have the  remarkable ability recall details from another lifetime ago. Reincarnation is the belief that the soul continues to exist after death and is reborn into a new physical body. Although it cannot be scientifically proven, evidence of reincarnation is revealed when children from around the world can speak of shockingly accurate details from their past lives.

Young toddlers have stunned their parents with unbelievable stories of people they once were, historical facts, specific details about places they’ve never been, and even memories of their own deaths. The following cases were brought to the media’s attention and have made even the most skeptic into believers. This is more than just a case of déjà vu.


Discovering  a Murderer

In 2014 a story surfaced about a three year old boy who shocked everyone with his chilling accounts of his own death and reincarnation. The child lived in Golan Heights, India. When he was old enough to speak he told his family a tragic story of his death by an ax. Soon the child remembered which village he was from, so the village elders took him to visit. When he arrived, he remembered the name he had in his past life. The villagers claimed the name the boy had remembered belonged to a missing person from four years earlier.

This story becomes even more detailed when the little boy recalled the name of his killer which happened to be the neighbor of the missing man.  The young boy shocked everyone with his next recollection. The boy knew exactly where his body was buried. They uncovered a buried skeleton with an axe wound and the wound corresponded with a long red birthmark on the child’s head. The boy then showed the elders exactly where the murder weapon was located. Faced with the toddler’s story, the murderer admitted to the crime. For more information on this bizarre tale, “Children Who Have Lived Before” by Trutz Hardo.


Remembering Home

Cameron Macauley was born in Scotland. From the age of two Cameron told his mother stories of his previous life on the Isle of Barra. He recalled his former parents and siblings by name. He remembered details from his past life; the large house he lived in on the beach, his former black and white dog, and even the family car. Cameron said his former name was Shane Robertson, and he was killed after being knocked down by a car.  He longed to see his former mother and would cry out for her.

After Cameron’s mother realized her son was experiencing genuine distress they went to visit Barra.  They were able to locate a white house on the beach belonging to a Robertson family in the 60’s, just as the child described.  When Cameron walked through the house he pointed out all the homes peculiarities and details with surprising accuracy. The Robertson family even had a black and white dog just as Cameron remembered. Although Cameron’s memories have started to fade, he can still recall how he came to be reborn, he advises people not to be afraid of death, as they will come back again. More information can be watched from the TV documentary called “The Boy Who Lived Before”.


Mysterious Wound

Edward was a four-year-old boy with a sore throat. The small child repeatedly told his mother that his “shot was hurting” when he felt ill.  Edward told his mother a strange tale, he believed he was shot in the throat while in battle.  His mother took him to the hospital but doctors were unable to determine why Edward was in pain so they removed his tonsils as a precaution, which then caused a cyst to develop.  Edward then told his family stories of his life in WWI, as he told his parents more details and stories from his previous life the cyst mysteriously disappeared. You can read more about this story in “Reincarnation: Life After Death Explained”.


Old Hollywood

At 5 years old, Ryan told his mother that he used to be another person. He recalled detailed stories of his life working in Hollywood. Ryan told tales to his mother about meeting big stars like Rita Hayworth. He claimed he had worked in Broadway productions and in a movie agency. The child could remember how many sisters he had, his maid, and he even recalled the street name which he lived.

Ryan’s mother couldn’t believe that a 5-year-old boy could make up such extremely specific stories. She rented some books from the library to try to sort out some of the details her son was describing. Ryan happened to see a picture and he immediately pointed to a man and claimed that was him from his past life.  The man in the photograph was not well known so a Hollywood film archivist researched the photograph. The photo was of a man named Marty Martyn, a powerful movie agent who danced on Broadway. Ryan proved he had an oddly accurate recollection of Marty’s life.

In all, Ryan told over 55 verified facts about Marty Martyn. Some details were unknown to even Marty’s own children and family members.  However, there was one incorrect detail that Ryan claimed to be true. He said he died at age 61, which did not coincide with the Marty’s death record. An expert examined the census record and discovered that Marty’s birth certificate was incorrect, Marty was born two years earlier, which made the age of death 61 and Ryan was in fact correct. This eerie detail was only discovered after Ryan’s claim and was not known by anyone other than Marty.  More information is available on the TV interview with NBC News.


Dr. Ian Stevenson, a professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia School of Medicine found over 3,ooo cases of reincarnation during his studies. He believes that reincarnated children can remember details about their past lives with 92% accuracy. Reincarnation may be just a religious myth or a genuine phenomenon, but there is only one way to find out.



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