Today’s Most Un-Put-Downable Books

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The Must-Adds to Your Current Reading List

You started 2017 with a fantastic reading list, curated with thoughtfulness, optimism and thorough research. Now you find yourself with a few gaps. Maybe you want to “change it up” a bit, or you simply want an unexpected adventure.

Don’t fret! We have four un-put-downable books that you need to add to your reading list right now.


The Academy, The Vision Quest Book Two—Anniversary Edition

Book Two from Deborah Pratt’s epic The Vision Quest Series, called The Academy, has just been released in the Anniversary Edition.

The Vision Quest, vision quest book two, vision quest series, the vision quest by deborah m pratt

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You probably remember Pratt for her ground-breaking work as being the co-creator, executive producer and head writer on the hit show TV show Quantum Leap. (She was also the voice of Ziggy!) Now, her Vision Quest series takes you on a journey that will stimulate, entertain and probably inspire you, too. It also might lead us all to a more positive future.

Imagine a time 120 years in the future. Great quakes have transformed the Earth and mega-corporations have merged to form a unified planet. Everything is going great until a race of genetically-engineered biodroids called The Black Guard threaten humanity.

Celebrate the anniversary edition of the second book in this un-put-downable series. Updated with new cover art, it’s a futuristic masterpiece that’s found its time today.


The Andromeda Project

Andromeda Project, book, jason primrose

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This debut novel from Jason Michael Primrose is the first in The Cluster Chronicles Series. You’ll follow the story of Allister Adams, a young superhuman who joins a controversial government-run organization in the race for alien artifacts on Earth.

Stand back, though. Adams soon discovers the Andromeda Project isn’t the only organization seeking this elusive power. Ultimately, he’ll have to decide who’s right, who’s wrong, and what is necessary.

This book is a splendid blend of genres that grabs you in many ways. It’s a mix between Harry Potter, Star Wars, X-Men and Game of Thrones. Fans of these franchises will be thankful they found this gem of a series.

Stunning art helps the scenes and characters come to life. The details will add fuel to your imagination while you read. This is a book that will leave you begging for the next in the series—which is thankfully coming very soon. So, grab The Andromeda Project now, and prepare for an adventure of unmatched proportions.


The Fragrance of Angels

Fragrance of Angels, book, near death experience, heaven

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Ready for a glimpse of heaven? You’re about to see it, and there is a good chance it will change you forever.

Join Martha Brookhart Halda as she shares her sublime journey to the Other Side. After she was thrown from her vehicle in a horrific car crash, and was declared dead three times, she returned to a far different life.

The Fragrance of Angels is filled with a deep sense of love and challenge, physical beauty and emotional upheaval, frustration and triumph. Ultimately, it contains quite a surprise…one Martha realized when she visited eternity.

A memoir that will lift you, inspire you, and bring tears and laughter, The Fragrance of Angels needs to be added to every reading list, now.


Caulerpa Conquest

Caulerpa Conquest, book, Earth day, California Coast, Eric Noel Munoz

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With Earth Day 2017 happening next month, there is no better time to dive into this real-life battle for the California Coast.

Fought against genetically mutated killer seaweed—what sounds like the premise for a science fiction novel—is the real story of what happened when an invasive species was introduced to a nearly defenseless ecosystem. This true story is one you can’t pass by.

Caulerpa Conquest by Eric Noel Muñoz is the tale of the 2000 to 2006 precedent-setting local eradication efforts against Caulerpa taxifolia at San Diego’s Agua Hedionda Lagoon in Carlsbad, California. This book explores missed opportunities and lessons that were learned the hard way from when the seaweed attacked the Mediterranean Sea—where it took hold and caused immense devastation.

This winning, real-life adventure is just what we need for Earth Day. It gives us real heroes to cheer for and applaud as we fight to save our planet.


We hope you enjoy these book recommendations—they’ll make great additions to any bookworm’s reading list. If you’re ready to shop, find all these books on Amazon and/or on each author’s website.



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