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You have a 1 in 3,748,067 chance of being attacked by a shark in your lifetime. Chances are, you’re safe. Even so, many people have a deep, primal fear of sharks. Usually, the bigger the shark the scarier, but in the darkest depths of the ocean creep some of the most bizarre and alien-like shark species.

The Goblin Shark

With its appropriate name, the Goblin shark is a living nightmare.  This shark can unhinge its jaw from it’s face which allows both the upper and lower jaws to extend forward when it attacks its prey.

The Basking Shark

The second largest shark species; this shark has an enormous, cavernous mouth. Although a Basking Shark wont purposely eat humans, a human could theoretically fit…They’re a very docile species but frightening just the same.

The Frilled Shark

A shark so ancient it is often called a living fossil. This shark has 25 rows of needle like teeth to make it impossible for its prey to escape.

The Cookiecutter Shark

This shark takes perfectly circular bites, like a cookie cutter, out of its large prey. Some victims include fish, whales, sharks, submarines and even humans.

The Ghost Shark

Evolutionarily speaking, this species branched off from sharks a few hundred years ago but it still has many similarities with its ancestors. As if its spooky appearance wasn’t enough, this ghostly creature has venomous spine right behind its dorsal fin.

The Whorl Shark

Imagine being attached by this abomination. This extinct shark-like fish is known for its spiral arranged teeth. Unfortunately, this creature went extinct in the Triassic era, 250 million years ago, but we can marvel at the genetics that created that mouth.



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