The Horror Wedding Trend of 2017

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Weddings don’t have to be pink, flowery, and nausea-inducing; Horror Weddings are changing the definition of ’till death do us part.

Horror Weddings are this year’s newest trend. Couples are looking to showcase their personalities in all things haunted and scary. Halloween weddings are no longer restricted to October 31st, they have crossed over to every month of the year as couples host Horror Weddings to spook their guests.

Here’s how to get started planning a haunted wedding!

Step 1: Find the Perfect Haunted Venue


A top choice may be The Shining hotel, aka The Stanley Hotel in Colorado.  Wedding guest might get a glimpse of F.O. Stanley in the lobby or Billiard Room. Flora Stanley might even entertain the party by playing the piano in the ballroom. These undead guests will make any wedding special.

Step 2: Select Your Haunted Wedding Invitations

Let you guests know exactly what they’re in for by sending them a terrifying invitation to your wedding.

Step 3: The Horrific Wedding Dress

Nothing says beautiful bride like a little blood and gore. A bride can feel like a pretty princess, or a zombie, it’s her day!

Step 4: Freaky Flowers for the Bride

The devil is in the details; the bride and bridesmaids will need some horrifying flowers as they walk down the aisle. The black calla lily is the perfect elegant flower with a hint of unnatural and unnerving coloring.

Step 5: The Cake of Your Nightmares

Creep your guests out by having them bite into a bloody cake. Cakes can be decorated to be absolutely anything, have fun creating the most horrifying wedding cake with your baker.

Step 6: Cocktail Hour

Your guests will kill for a unique and spooky cocktail.

Step 7: Wedding Favors to Die For

Thank your guests for attending your Horror Wedding with a themed favor. The possibilities are endless.

Step 8: Spooky Photography

You’ll need a way to remember the event, the right photographer can capture your Horror wedding perfectly.

Step 9: The Ring

You’ll be wearing it until you die, and maybe even after, you need the perfect horror ring.

Step 10: Happily Ever After

Just because you’re having a scary wedding, doesn’t mean you don’t get to have your happily ever after! Showcase your weird side to your friends and family and have the wedding YOU want. Your guests will love the unique experience.



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