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If you haven’t watched the Netflix original series, Stranger Things, you’re going to want to clear your plans for the next few days because it’s time for a binge.


When I saw this show pop up in my feed I committed the ultimate sin, I judged the show by the cover image. I saw a bunch of kids and immediately scrolled passed it; I am way too cool for a kids show. Then while stuck at home sick, I read the description and decided to give it a try.


The top three reasons you need to make this show the next series you watch:


1. Perfect mix of mystery and suspense.

Stranger Things set the pace to be the perfect suspenseful show, while not leaving you dazed, confused, and frustrated. Every episode gave you a little more insight into the mystery of the plot, but at the end you were still left with a burning curiosity. I ended each episode with a “wow” not an “ugh, really??”


2. Stranger Things really lives up to it’s name, and is indeed, strange.

If you enjoy everything sci-fi, you will not be disappointed. Stranger Things brings sci-fi back to its roots; it recreates the tried and true tales of coming in contact with otherworldly, horrifying, creatures in it’s cult classic stylization. You may think you’re too old to be afraid of monsters but just you wait.


3. Retro is so in right now.

Stranger Things is set in the early 80’s so be completely prepared to be washed over with a warm sense of nostalgia. The setting will take you back to a time of D&D, banana seat bikes, and using walkie-talkies to communicate with your best friend down the street.


After finishing Stranger Things I am dying for the next season, which is said to be in production. Stranger Things is the kind of show that will keep you thinking even weeks after you’ve finished. With its great cast, classic cinematic story, and genuine scary plot, Netflix hit its mark with this show.



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