Everyone Loves a Happy Ending, but How about Scary Endings?

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Meet the Scary Endings Team

The Scary Endings team is a tight group of entertainment professionals pulled together by their mutual love of horror. By combining their talents they create a series of shorts that are amazingly well-crafted, creepy and bizarre. Once you start watching, you won’t be able to look away.

What sets Scary Endings apart is the way their combined talents master the genre and exploit it to its fullest. Each episode offers a different kind of thrill and keeps you guessing. Some have humor, some are unnerving, some are cerebral, while others make you jump out of your skin.

The special effects, acting, writing, directing, and overall production quality is top-notch. The professional Scary Endings team deliver on each and every point.

Top Scary Endings Shorts to Watch

Fast-paced and fun, hold on tight because you’re about to go on an adventure with Scary Endings. A few of our favorites include: The Babysitter and the Boogeyman, The Grinning Man, The Bounce House of Horror and Smother Mother.

Visit the Scary Endings website and subscribe to their YouTube Channel for all their episodes.

Their latest, Welcome to the Circus, is a must-watch, suspense-driven clown thriller. Grab the popcorn and enjoy!




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