Do We Share the Same Fears with Our Evolutionary Cousin?

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Humans and Apes Both Fear the Same Things

Chimps Fear Snakes.

Humans are animals, and that means we retain the basic instincts an animal needs to survive. Afraid of snakes? Don’t feel alone, our closest evolutionary cousins, chimpanzees are also terrified of them.

Watch this video from the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest. A harmless snake finds its way into their enclosure. The apes act much the same way you or I might. Screeching and screaking, obviously they are upset and afraid. Also notice the curiosity they display when their handler picks up the snake and holds it out for them to inspect. Like humans, they have a sense of wonder and interest in the things that terrify them.

Snakes Frighten Chimps and Humans.

Is this the same mechanism that drives us humans to like horror movies and books? We are at once afraid and on the verge of trepidation, while alternately we are morbidly curious. We crave the adrenalin that fuels our blood when confronted with something that scares us. Have you ever truly wondered why?







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