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An Interview with The Witch of Malibu, Dawnea Adams


Dawnea Adams

Dawnea Adams is a witch – a real-life, practicing witch. In 1998, she and her gifts were thrust into the international spotlight on the red carpet at the premiere of the hit film Practical Magic. She’d been “outed.” Her friend and client, Sandra Bullock, had persuaded her to come on board as a technical adviser on the project, and then talked about Adams in the press junkets and on national television. In the years that followed, the slightly-built blonde with her signature red lips shied away from the world and returned to her successful private practice in Malibu, California.

A hereditary, solitary witch, Adams is naturally, paranormally gifted. Over the years, she has developed her own personal approach of practicing the Craft, called “Ride the Dragon” Magick. It is a unique and simplified style of practice, which does not rely on herbs and crystals, but on tapping into and harnessing the innate Power of the practitioner – what she calls the Dragon, and focusing that energy to affect change in the physical world. This is the subject of her latest book, RIDE THE DRAGON: A Magickal Grimoire, a handbook for fledgling witches and those seeking to change their world.

Adams recently took some time from her busy practice to answer a few of our questions:


What was the reasoning behind launching @TheWitchOfMalibu on social media?

Dawnea Adams: It was not without a little resistance. Since I was first “outed” on the red carpet for PRACTICAL MAGIC, I’ve tried to remain “in the broom closet,” but in the back of my mind and in my heart, I yearned to revive the live, collective casting events I’d done in the past and publish a magickal grimoire. I had been told social media would provide the perfect platform to begin to build and promote my brand.


You’ve coined the term – Evangewitch – what does that mean?

DA: My father was a Pentecostal, Bible-toting, tambourine-thumping, hellfire-touting, tent meeting preacher. My mother was a hereditary witch; our ancestors are from Ireland and the women are all witches. Hence, Evangewitch!


You’re not just a witch, though – there’s much more. In what other ways are you paranormally gifted?


DA: No, I’m not just a witch. In fact, I nearly branded myself “The Oracle of Malibu,” because I was afraid “witch” was too limiting. I am omniscient, which means I am gifted in every way one can be in the paranormal world. I am clairaudient (I hear a voice[s] speaking to me when I’m working). I am clairvoyant (I see vivid images related to clients with whom I’m working). I am

clairsentient (I feel strong emotions when working). I am an empath, feeling the vibes of others and environments.

I am a healer, and have worked with thousands of clients; both in person and long distance. I have the “Gift of Rapport,” meaning I can travel “out of body” to affect healing and change in other people’s lives.


As far as helping, in what ways can you offer assistance using your gifts?

DA: I do regression session in which I take a client back to a time of trauma in their life – in their childhood or in a past life. I am a firm believer in reincarnation. In these sessions, I create a safe space where a client can relive their trauma and bravely confront it. By removing the emotional block/hurdle, they jumpstart their lives by overcoming anything lingering in their subconscious, like PTSD.

I am a medium, and have been visited by spirits since I was a little girl. I always thought everyone can see them! I am also a parapsychologist, and these sessions are no joke. I delve deeply into people to get to the root of their issues. I have no sensor and this work is not for the faint of heart.

Creatively, I am an intuitive, interior designer. I can literally hear a house revealing how it wants to look. I also read the client to better merge the desires of the house and people in the space. I can get a little OCD when doing this kind of work!


Your new book, RIDE THE DRAGON: A Magickal Grimoire, is soon to be released. What is “riding the dragon?”

DA: “Ride the Dragon” is my personal style of practicing magick. It’s mind magick. This is not a traditional witches book. In it, I have simplified the tools and focus on connecting with Power. We all have an innate Power, which is the foundation of magick and everything I teach. I have really shot from heart with this grimoire, lending my long experience with the Craft.

Also, I am a hereditary, solitary witch. I do not cast magick for my own benefit – only for others. That is the arrangement I made with “the committee” before reincarnated.


How do you translate RIDE THE DRAGON into a live, theatrical event?

DA: This is where the Evangewitch comes in! My live events are a cross between a rock concert and the tent meetings in which I grew up. They are powerful, moving events with a live choir – music is very important for getting the energy up before I cast magick with the audience!

Using a tent revival format, I channel the “sermon,” and take the audience on a mind-blowing journey with the Dragon – collectively harnessing raw power to cast together. The Alchemy Line is then an opportunity for those gathered to come forward for the laying on of hands for healing or intuitive messages. It is an emotional ride!


What is the difference between ‘magic’ and ‘magick’?

DA: I say magick is “bending circumstances in the outer world with the power of your will.” Magick can affect change in your life and the world around you in whatever manner you require.

Magic is the stuff guys like David Blaine do – slight of hand, illusion – it’s entertainment.


What more can we expect to see from The Witch of Malibu?

DA: I have dedicated my life to helping people conjure change in their lives. My private practice has always been for a select few. “The Witch of Malibu” gives me an opportunity to give back to those who would otherwise never find their way into that exclusive group. I have so much wisdom I want to share, to help others find their power and affect change in their lives.

Adams’ RIDE THE DRAGON: A Magickal Grimoire will be released and available on Amazon.com on Thursday, January 16, 2020. She is planning a live RIDE THE DRAGON event in Los Angeles later in the Spring. For more information and to stay up-to-date with the Witch of


Malibu, please visit www.instagram.com/thewitchofmalibu.



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