Monster on the Moors – Must Read Book Excerpt

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Fans of the Bobby Holmes Mystery series are excited for the second installment, Monsters on the Moors. The first book, The Lost Treasure, is about four young adolescents who come together to solve a deadly mystery of a long dead pirate, burred treasure and possessed ghosts. In the second book, Monsters on the Moors, the group is back together embroiled in a deadly mystery in the New York Moors of England.


Read this book excerpt. You’ll be hooked.

“The moon’s glow bounced off his glistening eyes. He curled his clawed hands tightly, then slowly released them. He sniffed to pick up the rapidly vanishing sent he chased. He breathed in the sweat and fear that faintly lingered there, savoring its promise, turned his head to the left and sped towards the darkened forest below.

The vegetation grew thicker here. There were heavily rooted trees of oak and ash, as well as fragrant thickets of pine and low brush. The air was thicker too, as the surrounding peaks cut the fast moving wind to a crawl. The evening dew hung by a finger from the bending leaves and branches, falling quietly t the soft earth below. He stopped at a clearing.

His pray was close. This would no longer be a hunt. It would be a slaughter.

He heard the soft patter of rapidly moving footsteps to his right. His superior peripheral and night vision allowed him to catch a brief glimpse of the female he stalked, as she fearfully scampered through the blackened forest. He snarled, saliva now flowing in anticipation of the imminent meal. He looped through the congested tress, his breath arriving split seconds before him in the chilled night air. He taunted his victim, growling his location every few feet. The head of the poor woman swiveled with each guttural sound trying to pinpoint the location of her stalker, letting out an uncontrolled screech each time she heard him. She breathed rapidly and scuttled backwards, her darting eyes trying to anticipate the direction of the attack, Finally she tripped and feel, and pressed her back against a sturdy oak.”

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