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The Perfect Gifts for the Book Lover on Your Holiday Gift List!

Give a thoughtful gift to the avid reader on your Holiday Book Gift List. Encourage learning and discovery by giving a book this Holiday season. Our Holiday Book Gift List is full of newly released books, you’ll find something for everyone. Finish your Holiday shopping early so you can relax and enjoy the season!

1. XX v XY by Christina Cigala and Bobby Goldstein

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Christina Cigala

A truly revolutionary book about the suppression and obstacles of America’s women. This Sci-Fi feminist, young-adult novel shows a dystopian future where politicians have taken complete control over women and have stripped them of their individuality. “In a world divided by allegiance to gender, two young women navigate dangerous new terrain.”

In this atrocious future, America is split in half; in the East the most fertile women go through excruciating training and body alterations until they’ve become “Nancies”. All are identical with white hair, light eyes and appear exactly the same. The women in the West must take a pill to rid them of any “weak emotions”. The world continues to collapse when the women of West America wage war with the men in the East. The Gender Wars cannot be won by weapons but by the beat of a woman’s own heartsong. An inspiring young adult novel about the Empowerment of women, XX v XY is a great book for anyone on your gift list.




2. Kings and Crosses by Levente Németh, János Mészáros, and Tamás Gáspár

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For the graphic novel lover, history buff, or artist on your Holiday Gift List, Kings and Crosses: Illuminated Chronicles is a new legendary graphic novel from Hungry. The story offers tales from Medieval times when battles raged between Crusaders and Pegans in Central and Eastern Europe. The fighting begins between Hungarian Kings and German Emperors in the wild and beautiful Hungarian swamps. The epic adventures are brought to life with the breathtaking artwork. This historical graphic novel is unlike any other, a great gift this Holiday season.




3. The Fuehrer’s Blood by Shreyans Zaveri

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Shreyans Zaveri

The Fuehrer’s Blood takes readers on an adventure through the Red Army deep within Russian Territory during WWII. A group of defunct Nazi’s go into hiding and form an anti-Nazi group called the “Blood Moon”. To this day the group remains the most elusive secret group of WWII. The Fuehrer’s Blood follows Blood Moon while the group discovers secrets and track down hidden Nazi leaders.

A great mystery novel for those fascinated with the dark and sordid past of WWII. Uncover hidden Nazi secrets and the Axis’ dark plans for the world’s future. This page turner is a must read.





4. The Prince by Nanishka Torres

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Nanishka Torres

The Prince is a new young adult fantasy novel about the loyal Price Callum’s fight against a radical religious organization. Prince Callum uses every means in his disposal to save the man he loves after he is kidnapped and held ransom. The Prince is a heroic story of people protecting the ones they love and finding their way out of disastrous situations.

“I know we will find him. I know we will bring him home. I know this because if we do not, I will set fire to this entire realm”

Explore a new world where peace and harmony must overcome radicalism. Prince Callum is a hero that is relatable and inspiring, a wonderful novel for the young adult on your Holiday Book Gift List.





5. In The World’s Shadows by Christopher Hamilton

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Christopher Hamilton

In the World’s Shadow by Christopher Hamilton is a touching memoir perfect to give hope this Holiday Season. Christopher is shipped off to live with his emotionally unavailable father after his home in South Africa is ravenged  by the atrocities of war. He grows up in war torn Europe and tells his thought provoking story. Follow the story of a young man finding his path and overcoming life’s obstacles.

A book perfect for the person on your gift list that enjoys an uplifting and heartwarming story. A unique prespective on life after WWII and the struggles many had to endure.




6. Beyond ADHD: Overcoming the Label and Thriving by Jeff Emmerson and Robert Yehling

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Robert Yehling

Living with ADHD can be a struggle, but the authors of Beyond ADHD: Overcoming the Label and Thriving have researched the topic extensively and have put there findings together in a single resource to help. If someone on your gift list suffers with ADHD or is interested in the topic, this is a great book to give. ADHD diagnoses have increased by 50% in the last 10 years, the book explores how and why more people are being diagnosed.  Beyond ADHD questions the cookie-cutter way ADHD is commonly diagnosed and treated.

A great resource and gift for anyone suffering from ADHD. Learn more about what triggers ADHD and how to live a full and successful life by managing the symptoms. A great and informative book about living and dealing with ADHD, a wonderful Holiday gift.






7. The Ever Changing Dream by Geraldine Taylor

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Jesse is an average kid just trying to make it though the day by avoiding bullies and embarrassment. Jesse contemplates how he’s going to survive the day to day complications with his school’s tormentors and how to get through the remaining school year. With a quirky, yet loving mom and a distant father, Jesse’s life is all too ordinary. That is until a mysterious man appears and changes Jesse’s life forever. Jesse is given a gift unlike all others, “dream time”.

The Ever Changing Dream is a fun book for the young reader on your Holiday Gift List!






8. Wraith Ladies Who Lunch by Sean Patrick Traver

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Sean Patrick Traver

Wraith Ladies Who Lunch is a quick and fun read for any age. A three thousand year old mummy is on display at the LACMA, but what the museum visitors don’t know is that her spirit is still there, watching, waiting, unable to move on.

Tasenetnethor is bound to her mummy body forever much like her ghostly Victorian friend, Christabel. The two meet for brunch every once in a while to pretend to eat and discuss their unfortunate circumstances. That is until one day a new spirit joins their brunch and changes everything.

This mysterious novella is a short and fun read for all ages. Explore ancient folklore and discover why some spirits never move on to the afterlife.




9. Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured by Susanne Bellefeuille

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Susanne Bellefeuille

Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured is based on a true story of Susanne Bellefeuille’s father. She writes about his journey through life as he made difficult decisions between his dreams and supporting his family. After Susanne’s mother was diasgnosed with psychotic depression the doctors advised to put her in a mental hospital. Lucas refused and did everything he could to bring his family back together. Lucas is an incredible man with a loving heart. In the story Lucas faces many challenges but never gives up on his family.

Path of Lucas is a touching story, perfect for the Holiday’s. During the season of givng and family, read a novel that tells the story of a man who sacrificed everything for his family.




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