The Popular Kings and Crosses Graphic Novel Comes to the US

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The highly-anticipated Kings and Crosses: Illumination Chronicles is now available in English.

A new English-language version of the graphic novel Kings and Crosses is being created for release in the United States, the UK, Australia, India, Canada, and other English-speaking regions.  Kings and Crosses: Illuminated Chronicles takes historical medieval events and tells a unique visual story. It’s similar to The Game of Thrones, but illustrated with embellished historical European events. With breathtaking artwork and vivid detail, this book is a fun experience for all readers.

About the Graphic Novel

The setting of the book is in the historical sites of the Hungarian Kingdom’s royal fortresses during the Middle Ages.  The Hungarian King, Stephen I, must send his only son, Prince Imre, to fight invaders in the Hungarian swamps. Odds are against the Hungarians as they fight the heavily armed Germans and their Italian cavalry backup. However, they have the luck of the land and its unforgiving terrain on their side.  War is not the only obstacle the characters face as friends become foes and princesses cause strife.

The Kings and Crosses tells stories from the early Medieval Ages. It focuses on  the conflicts between Christianity and Paganism in Central Europe. The graphic novel tells hardly known — or sometimes forgotten — historical events and gives them a new twist. Presented as a beautifully artistic graphic novel, the story lines include historical locations, like a Benedictine Monastery. The main characters include emperors of the Holy Roman Empires and legendary Kings. The stories also tell the tales of tribesmen, nomad clans, villain assassins and high priests, to name a few. The novel’s scenery comes to life as the creator’s illustrations show the beautiful landscapes and remarkable characters.

Illuminated Chronicles comes from the ancient Chronicon Pictum

Kings and Crosses: Illuminated Chronicles took its inspiration from the ancient Chronicon Pictum. The Chronicon Pictum was the Kingdom of Hungrary’s  medieval chronicle which covered the history of the Kingdom through illustrations. The Chronicon Pictum was sent by King Louis I to the French King Charles V.  The artwork was King Louis’ gift for their children’s upcoming marriage.  Kings and Crosses took inspiration from the Chronicon Pictum which combined Hungarian history with vivid images for its reader.  Much like the Chronicon Pictum, Kings and Crosses uses illustrations to tell the tales of bloody battles, and wars waged against enemies.

With a deep historical background, fascinating characters and amazing artwork, Kings and Crosses is an imaginative read that will take you to another time and place. Learn more at the Website and Pre-Order your copy. Plus, you can support the crowdfunding campaign at various levels — and don’t forget, the graphic novel, history buff, or art enthusiast on your list would love this as a gift. Click here to join the fight on Indiegogo.

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