The Top 10 Books You Need on Your October Reading List

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October is perfect for cuddling up with a great, new novel…

Take a look at our top book picks which are perfect for your October reading list. We have a variety of topics and genres, whether your looking for something spooky, educational, fun or inspiring, this book list has you covered.


1. Wraith Ladies Who Lunch

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Sean Patrick Traver

Wraith Ladies Who Lunch by Sean Patrick Traver will be released October 24th, just in time for Halloween. In it, the spirit of an Egyptian mummy has roamed the afterlife for thousands of years, unable to pass on while her body is on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. She meets with her lunch date, a Victorian ghost, to chat about their unfortunate circumcises as the only souls who seem bound to Earth. However, When a new ghost joins their lunch outings, he unknowingly reveals the answer to the question they’ve been asking for centuries. The question you will ask, is: were the three friends better off before they knew the secrets surrounding their existence?

Grab a copy of the Wraith Ladies Who Lunch by Sean Patrick Traver and address the eternal question of existence with surreal humor, historical depth, and mystical intrigue. This ghost story is a quick, but unforgettable, read. Curl up and read it in just an afternoon or two.




2. The Prince

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Nanishka Torres

This October, travel to another realm with The Prince by Nanishka Torres, which is part of the Fenrir Chronicles. It is the story of Prince Callum, who is a strong and fair member of the royal family. This family reigns with peace and dignity, but like all great leaders, they face a radical group that opposes their authority. Known as the Saxeons, this radical group is intent on disrupting the balance of power and pushing their own political agenda. Then, the Staxeons take it too far when they kidnap the man Prince Callum loves. Ultimately, the young prince will stop at nothing to bring his true love home. The Prince must rescue his partner and protect his people while trying to control his rage. The Staxeons are about to learn first-hand what makes Prince Callum a powerful leader and a foe to avoid.

Start reading the Fenrir Chronicles: The Prince, and discover a new hero to dress up as this Halloween! The Prince is a book that you won’t want to put down once you start reading it.




3. Lies Damn Lies

The perfect action-packed thriller for an October read, Lies Damn Lies by John Henry Bennett is the third book of a three-book series. The first book is Pigs, and the second book is Porkies. The series contains a compelling plot which addresses the ongoing challenges Western Civilization faces with the ongoing threat of terrorism. It is a new James Bond-esque story-line of espionage, spies and beautiful love interests. In Lies Damn Lies, the main character, Harry Baxter,  must thwart a series of organized terrorist attacks while working together with intertwined government agencies.

A compelling read and action-filled plot,  make sure to add this hot new spy trilogy to your October reading list.




4. The Fuehrer’s Blood

Shreyans Zaveri

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The Fuehrer’s Blood is by Shreyans Zaveri, and it is a delicious dark mystery novel to read this fall. A defunct group of German soldiers, working with the Allies, call themselves “Blood Moon”. The group prepares to march into a Russian army base in search of Hitler’s most trusted henchman, Han “The Shadow”. Han holds many Reich secrets and the Blood Moons are determined to use his information to save lives from the Nazi regime. Captured, and sent to an extermination camp run by a viscous Russian warlord, the group stumbles upon Hitler’s personal diary. This makes their mission greater than they ever imagined as they decide to not only reach Han, but also hunt down Hitler himself.

With so many unexplained mysteries surrounding the Nazi regime, this thriller is the perfect addition to your October reading list.




5. The Sunshine Stone

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The Sunshine Stone by Foster Henderson is a young adult fantasy about the life of fifteen-year-old Antonia Davidson. After her father is imprisoned for money laundering, Antonia and her mother must start life over again without the luxuries they’ve become accustom to. After the two move into a new flat, Antonia must attend a new, unfamiliar public school. Antonia is soon terrorized by a bully wielding a switch blade, who seems to be out for blood. Antonia lost her father, friends, home and now, most importantly, her safety. That is, until she meets an American who gives her a magical stone that protects her, but at what cost?

The Sunshine Stone is the perfect book for students transitioning to a new school this fall. Bullying is on the rise and students’ safety is a heightened concern all over the world. The Sunshine Stone is a great read for students, teachers, and parents who wish to understand the inner dialog of a scared kid being tormented by a ruthless bully.





6. The Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured

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Susanne Bellefeuille

You will appreciate the time spent with your family after reading The Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured by Susanne Bellefeuille. Lucas’ wife suffers from psychotic depression and the entire family is in turmoil when the doctors advise Lucas to house her in a mental hospital. Lucas must decide between realizing his dreams, or fighting to keep his family together. The story unfolds through his daughter’s eyes as she witnesses her father’s struggles to keep his family on the right path. Life likes to throw curve-balls, but through the power of love, this family is able to over come all obstacles and inspire others to value their precious relationships.

The Path of Lucas captures the hardships so many families go through when dealing with mental illness. Add this heartwarming tale to your October reading list.





7. In the World’s Shadow

Christopher Hamilton

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Re-discover history through the eyes of a child who lived through some of the bleakest moments in mankind’s past, with In the World’s Shadow by Christopher Hamilton. In the memoir, Christopher lives with his mother in South Africa during WWII, but is soon packed off to post-war England to attend a boarding school. His only family is his standoffish father, who is scarred by his memories of war. As Christopher grows up, he experiences the heart-wrenching loss of losing his beloved wife to illness. He learns and grows through his grief and finds his inner strength which helps him build a new life with a worthy partner. The book tells the tale of the unconventional family against the backdrop of momentous events of the 20th century.

In The World’s Shadows is a new perspective on historical events, and an inspiring tale of overcoming unfortunate circumstances.




8. Short Attention Span

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Robert Hensley

Short Attention Span is perfect for cinephiles—those who love movies. From the writer and filmmaker, Robert Hensley, comes a collection of his short screenplays. Each is a unique story, created and polished, but never produced. The idea is to entertain and impact screenwriters and storytellers, so they may write as inspiration comes. The collection of screenplays prove that even just a few pages of a story can entertain and amuse an audience.

To get in the mood for Halloween, read the screenplay The Unseen, in this collection. It is a paranormal thriller with detectives on the hunt for a serial killer. This unique book is a great addition to all cinephiles’ October reading list.




9. Beyond ADHD: Overcoming the Label and Thriving

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Now that the kids are in school, read the book that parents and educators are engrossed in as it sheds new light on ADHD. Beyond ADHD: Overcoming the Label and Thriving by Jeff Emmerson and Robert Yehling, looks at the causes and symptoms of ADHD, and how the condition is being treated. Explore the latest scientific, medical and societal explanations for managing and living with ADHD. Beyond ADHD examines the issues from all sides, and brings forth new alternative treatments and understanding.

With more and more children being diagnosed with ADHD, and an upswing in adult diagnoses as well, you can’t afford not to be educated on this topic. Add Beyond ADHD: Overcoming the Label and Thriving to your October reading list to keep informed and educated on today’s controversial disorders.






10. Voices

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Robert Yehling

As the days grow shorter, read the father-daughter story, Voices by Robert Yehling. Legendary rock and roll star Tom Timoreaux emerges from retirement with his band, The Fever. He and his daughter tour together while trying to heal their strained relationship. Meanwhile, another estranged daughter of the rock star must decide if she should reach out to her absentee father. No family is perfect, but even the most tarnished relationships can be redeemed. Voices inspires parents and children to connect and bond over their common interests.

The power of music can overcome all hardships. If you love rock music, history, and stories about family, then add Voices to your October reading list and escape to a world of rhythm and love.



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