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Win A Book Gift Basket and other Fun Prizes

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Win signed copies of 3 books from Sean Patrick Traver Book; Grave’s End: A Magical Thriller, Red Witch: The Tale of Ingrid Redstone and not yet release Wraith Ladies Who Lunch, all in a gift basket with other spooky gifts!


Runner up will win one of 10 autographed copies of Wraith Ladies Who Lunch.


Third place winners will receive an e-book of Wraith Ladies Who Lunch.

These books are like no other, they combine magic, fantasy, and horror in a twisted and exciting way that leaves you begging for more.  They are the perfect books for Halloween!

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The Story Behind Wraith Ladies Who Lunch

Wraith Ladies Who Lunch is a novella set in current Los Angeles, California. Two phantoms meet over “lunch” while they discuss the dreadful situation they are destined to be in. A mummy from ancient Egypt has watched the rise and fall of many civilizations, yet she finds herself bound to the earth, her soul unable to move on. Her companion is a Victorian young girl in the same predicament. They live a lonely existence, with only their lunches to socialize. Soon, however, another ghosts enters the scene and changes everything.



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