The Best Book Recommendations for Dad this Father’s Day

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Dad doesn’t need another tie; try our best book recommendations for a gift he will truly enjoy!

Remember how dad used to read you bedtime stories? Now, return the favor and get dad a book he’ll love this Father’s Day.

After all, he taught you everything he knows, and would go to the ends of the earth for you. Doesn’t your dad deserve something special as a Father’s day gift this year?  Here are our best book recommendations for the man who taught you to ride a bike, climb a tree, and helped you become the amazing person you are today.

Dads Who Love Music

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If your childhood memories include listening to Dad’s classic rock music on long car rides, borrowing his vinyl records, or going to concerts together, then this is the perfect book for Father’s Day.

Voices, by Robert Yehling, is a father-daughter relationship story that takes place in the 1960’s summer of love and music. Rock music legend, Tom Timoraux and his band, The Fever, tours the American hot spots with his daughter and singer, Christine. Tom tries to heal his damaged relationship with Christine through their mutual love of music while on tour. Meanwhile, he struggles with his feelings about his long-lost daughter, Annalisa.

As author Robert Yehling says, “ Nothing touches us collectively or brings us together like music.”

Music speaks louder than words, and this book will speak to your dad this Father’s Day.




Dads Who Love a Good Paranormal Mystery Thriller

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Does dad like science fiction and fantasy, or even tales of the undead? Or maybe he enjoys a good mystery novel? If so, he’ll love the twist of horror and fantasy in Graves’ End: A Magical Thriller, by Sean Patrick Traver.

LA Private Investigator Dexter Graves’ life ended in 1950 after being shot in the head. However, Graves mysteriously rises from the dead sixty years later. He is immediately drawn to Lia Flores, a sorceress and modern-day witch. The two team up to try to uncover the meaning behind Graves’ unexpected resurrection. They have no idea the King of the Aztec realm of the dead, Mickey Hardface, has orchestrated the entire thing and is planning a devious plot.

This funny and genre-bending story drives an intriguing crime story. With throwbacks to classic LA noir and strong roots in California history, Graves’ End is the perfect Father’s Day gift for your quirky and unique Dad.

Keep an eye out for the next book by Sean Patrick Traver, soon to be released, Red Witch. This book is a surreal romance gone awry between a silent-film star from 1910 and her lover, the ancient Aztec deity, Mickey Hardface.




Dads Who Love Science and Support the Environment

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If your Dad has a strong moral sense to preserve wildlife and cares about the science behind supporting the environment, then he needs to read the The Caulerpa Conquest by Eric Noel Muñoz.

The book recaps the battle against the Caulerpa Taxifolia, a mutant genetic clone of seaweed that threatened the Hedionda Lagoon and the entire coast of Southern California. Find out how the local community banded together to thwart massive ecological devastation.

This book will inspire the environmentalist in your dad, and encourage him to make a difference in other’s lives. It is a profound book he will enjoy and aspire to.





Dads (and moms who are also dads) Who Value Family and Want a Glimpse into Heaven

Fragrance of Angels, book, near death experience, heaven

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If your dad, or mom, has faced difficult challenges yet still manages to  bring  joy and love to your life,  they’ll enjoy The Fragrance of Angels.

After being pronounced dead four times, Martha visits Heaven and comes back to her family with a new sense of purpose. Experience her out of body feelings, emotions, and her struggles to pull through.

The Fragrance of Angels is full of a deep sense of love, and emotional upheaval. It encourages and inspires us to overcome frustration with triumph. This book is perfect for the spiritual parent this Father’s Day.



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