Give the Gift of a Great Book this Mother’s Day

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Mom Will Love You More if You Give Her a Book

These books are the perfect gift for the book-loving mom. Inspire, challenge, and take her on a wild adventure this Mother’s Day. She will appreciate a break from the standard bouquet of tulips you usually buy. And she’ll love your gift more than your siblings’.


The Spiritual and Family-Focused Mom

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For the mom who puts her family first and loves unconditionally, gift her this memoir, The Fragrance of Angels. Martha Brookhart Halda’s new book distinguishes itself as a mother’s empowerment story. Explore her experience with heaven and the devastation of facing death while her children depend on her.

After her visit to Heaven, Martha battles the hurtle of divorce and struggles with the uphill battles of physical limitations and emotional distress. Martha has an entirely new outlook and finds her new role as a wife and mother after her experience.

Discover the beauty and inspiration of Heaven, and you’ll never again be able to look at the world in the same light.

This Mother’s Day gift will take your mom on a heart-wrenching and spiritually-uplifting journey. This story inspires to us all to live life fully and courageously.


The Environmentally Conscious Mom

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For the mother who cares deeply for the world around her and the global environment, there’s  Caulerpa Conquest: A Biological Rradication of the California Coast. This book by Eric Noel Munoz tells the heroic story of a community battling a silent, invasive seaweed called Caulerpa Taxifolia. People use this common algae in home aquariums; unfortunately, it is easily transferred and fast-growing. As a result, if Caulerpa is released into natural environments, its effects can be devastating.

Scientist mapped Caulerpa as it spread in San Diego’s Agua Hedionda lagoon. They took action because, if not stopped, it threatened to spread to the Pacific Ocean and affect the entire coast of Southern California.

The work of Munoz and the community helped to stop the spread of this invasive species and sustain delicate natural environment’s.

This heroic tale of community teamwork and determination will spark the environmental activist in your mom. To celebrate Mother Earth, this book makes a great gift this Mother’s Day.


The Sci-Fi Loving Mom

Andromeda Project, book, jason primrose

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Any sci-fi obsessed mom looking for a new series to follow will love the breakout novel, The Andromeda Project by Jason Michael Primrose.

First in The Cluster Chronicles Series, readers follow the main character, Allister, through a personal struggle of lack of purpose, loss, and stifled powers.

The Andromeda Project recruits Allister to find hidden ancient alien artifacts. Allister learns this shady government operation may not be his only problem, though.

Stunning visual art work enhances the reading experience, and fuels the readers’ imagination.

Alien visitations, super human powers, and spy thrilling adventures, this book is the perfect gift for any sci-fi loving mom.



Add to Mom’s Collection

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Update mom’s collection with the new The Vision Quest Anniversary Edition.

From Author Deborah M. Pratt, comes the Anniversary Edition of her popular sci-fi book series, The Vision Quest. The remastered books,  The Atlantian Book One, and The Academy Book Two, are available now. The series appeals to die-hard fans of the trilogy, as well as readers who have yet to be drawn into the sci-fi genre.

Set 150 years in humanity’s future, humankind is confronted with a biologically-based, mechanical machine army called the Black Guard. Cole Lazerman plots revenge against the bio-droid army who killed his father. In the nail-biting adventure, readers explore Earth’s environment of genetically mixed creatures brought back from extinction.

The best part, is since this is a five-book series, and every new book that comes out can be another gift for mom!


For The Music Loving Dad on Mother’s Day

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If you want to recognize your Dad this Mother’s day,  Voicesby Robert Yehling will pull at any parent’s heartstrings.

This father-daughter relationship journey is brought to life with the excitement of rock and roll.  No relationship is perfect, and this story brings out the hard truths of nontraditional family struggles.

Set during San Francisco’s epochal Summer of Love, legendary singer/song writer Tom Timoreaux brings his estranged daughter on tour in hopes to heal their relationship. As the father daughter duo gains in popularity, Tom’s second long lost daughter must decide if she has the strength to reach out to a man she once thought dead.

Music speaks louder than words, but can the healing powers of rock and roll fix this broken family?

If your dad loves music and family, he won’t be able to set this book down.


Show your love and appreciation this Mother’s Day; give her a great book. Mom will appreciate the thought and love that you picked out a book that fits her so well.



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